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Welcome to Michels Bakery

How Michels Bakery started


My Opa, Heinrich Michels (who was a German baker) and my Mom, Helge are my inspiration for starting Michels Bakery. My love for baking grew as I watched my German mother in the kitchen, baking delicious pastries, cakes and tarts.
Becoming a mother myself, I loved spending time in the kitchen baking for my family and friends.  Seven years ago a close friend of mine, Charlene, asked me to please bake her son a birthday cake, which I of course happily agreed to. At this birthday party, a lady at the venue approached me and asked whether I sell birthday cakes as she needed some cupcakes. That was the beginning of my journey creating
Michels Bakery.
One of my greatest achievements was having my 1.5m cake printed on the cover of the THE BIG ISSUE Magazine, featuring Zapiros Puppets. 
I only use the best quality ingredients I can find. I have spent many hours finding the best recipes, some have failed miserably, but this made it all worthwhile finding those perfect recipes.
To see the joy on someone’s face, especially little kids faces when first seeing their special cake is absolutely priceless! My only wish is to making these priceless memories possible.



At Michels Bakery we don’t believe in dropping our quality to drop our price. We know that our cakes are every bite worth the money spent in using only the best ingredients. This is why our customers remain loyal to us. We have customers that we accommodate on a very tight budget, we come up with ideas to save money without jeopardising the quality of our cakes. We deliver only the freshest baked cakes and desserts, hot out of the oven to your door (currently only in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town). Our "Decorated Sugar Cookies" can be posted countrywide. What makes us different? The same amount of personal "Attention to Detail" is spent on each cake leaving our Home Bakery, from our Wedding Cakes to our Birthday Cakes to our Sunday Afternoon Tea Cakes.  We at Michels Bakery pride ourselves in our moto of BEST QUALITY BAKES!